WOW! This package is amazing! The first toy we gave OREO was the banana toy. Just the crinkle in the banana was great, and then I found out that it had a squeaker in it too!! All of the ropes are amazing too! The green ball with spikes our little one was scared of first; however, we broke up a treat and put it in between the spikes to provide some mental and teething relief! It was best when we were eating, keeping her entertained.

Protect Your furniture & lead your dogs to do exercise. Suitable for indoor and outdoor activities.


Puppy Dog Chew Toys | Puppies Teething Toys

Original price was: $79.Current price is: $59.

(7 customer reviews)


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Let’s protect your home and help dogs get fun!

Dogs are terrible chewers when dogs feel lonely and teeth are growing.

Our chewing toys will protect your shoes, clothes, underwear, and even your furniture.

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Product Details


  • Style: Normal Color Puppy Toys
  • Pet toy type: Chew Toy
  • Target Species: Dog
  • Theme: Animals
  • Product Dimensions: ‎ 0.79 x 0.79 x 0.79 inches
  • Product Weight: 2.07 Pounds

where to buy puppy dog chew toys sell online

Original price was: $79.Current price is: $59.

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High Quality & Excellence Service: Our dog chew toys undergo rigorous quality testing. With durable and natural material, good for dogs. Any questions will always help you. You can confidently buy our products, this dog toy pack is definitely a good choice for you.



Dogs are chewers by nature, when teething, boredom, loneliness, stress relief, will chew everything. Our dog chew toys designed for chewing dogs to protect your home (like shoes, sofa, pillows) from chewing. Through these exclusive puppy chew toys not only give you a tidy home and make your dog healthy.


18 Pack pet toys for dogs, great for puppy and small dogs. Includes 9 rope dog toys, 2 dog treat balls, 1 rubber dog toothbrush stick, 1 banana dog toy, 1 rubber toys, and 3 extra poop bag rolls as a gift. Why waste time and money with expensive and unsafe toys when you have the opportunity to try our great product, which has the same quality, at a fraction of the price of other dog toys? You are not merely buying puppy toys, but helping him stays happy and healthy.


Clean your dog’s teeth, make your dog healthier. So by our chewing rubber toothbrush, and rope toys, dogs get gum massage and stress relief, reduce tartar and plaque buildup as your dog chews away and help to freshen breath. Make your puppy having healthy chewing behavior by our dog teething toys.


Tired dogs are happy dogs! Training make dogs physically fit and mentally sharp. Dogs love Chasing a training toy. When dogs learn to toss and roll dog treat balls to get their treats out. And various rope toys are great for tug. These pet toys positively enhance the relationship between you and your dogs.
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7 reviews for Puppy Dog Chew Toys | Puppies Teething Toys

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    My puppy is a bad chewer. She’s also really picky about her toys. I bought this box thinking surely there would be something she likes and thankfully, there is! She loves the ropes and the stuffed banana. The box has more ropes than anything else so I’m happy about that. I’m hoping over time she will come to love the other stuff too. They are very strong and don’t seem cheap at all. They feel just as durable as the expensive toys I bought her from the shops. Definitely recommend!

  2. 5ed9386e3820a21d9497eeaf8a733c54?s=80&d=mm&r=g


    This was a great option for my two Frenchies. There are so many toys for them to choose from. Only one of the toys was torn up pretty quick and that was the only plush in the box. Some toys that are great for dogs that like to play tug. There are a lot of rope toys in this box but also a big blue squeaky bone, a large green dental style chew and two balls, one which has the whine squeak when you shake it. Those alone are worth the price the rest are just extra!

  3. 5ed9386e3820a21d9497eeaf8a733c54?s=80&d=mm&r=g


    WOW! This package is amazing! The first toy we gave OREO was the banana toy. Just the crinkle in the banana was great, and then I found out that it had a squeaker in it too!! All of the ropes are amazing too! The green ball with spikes our little one was scared of first; however, we broke up a treat and put it in between the spikes to provide some mental and teething relief! It was best when we were eating, keeping her entertained.

  4. 5ed9386e3820a21d9497eeaf8a733c54?s=80&d=mm&r=g


    I was getting a new puppy (7 weeks old) and knew I needed a variety of toys. Individually, they’re expensive, so I looked at bundles. I chose this one because it had several toys for chewing, tug of war, and self entertaining, and I’d get an idea of what kind of toys this puppy would like or not.

  5. 5ed9386e3820a21d9497eeaf8a733c54?s=80&d=mm&r=g


    The toys are excellent quality! These are going to last a long time, I don’t have to worry about them getting torn apart and creating a choking hazard. There are stimulating toys for enhancing puppy IQ and the puppy loves all of the toys! This is an awesome deal with quality toys. I’d recommend this bundle for any puppy.

  6. 5ed9386e3820a21d9497eeaf8a733c54?s=80&d=mm&r=g


    I don’t normally spend money on dog toys, and am pretty frugal, but I would buy this for any puppy I get again. Bought this for my daughter’s 9 week old golden doodle and they were perfect. She especially loved the green teething stick with feet, ball, and banana.

  7. 5ed9386e3820a21d9497eeaf8a733c54?s=80&d=mm&r=g


    This set was perfect. It had plenty of great durable toys for agressive chewing and playing and plenty to share with the dogs from our favorite foster to adopt charity.

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